Lifeguard Job Opportunities

As we get ready for the summer, teens get ready to look for summer jobs. Nationally, there has been a shortage of lifeguards recently. This opens up more job opportunities to newcomers that want a job that will look good on their resume. New York lifeguards save lives and protect people in our private pools and beaches. Summer jobs don’t have to be boring. Why flip burgers or stock shelves, when you can help save lives and learn valuable skills

New York beaches are open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, and the pools are open from late June through Labor Day. There are job openings for responsible teens that would like a good paying job.

To become a lifeguard, you must pass a qualifying test and complete the training course. The training course consists of first aid and CPR training, swimming and rescue techniques. The training course gives you skills that not only prepare you for lifeguard duty, but offer rescue skills that are valuable throughout your life. This training also can help you get better jobs in the future. Training starts soon, so act fast!

After passing, The Pool Therapist on Staten Island is offering full and part time lifeguard jobs to responsible students in the Staten Island Area. You could be one of them. To apply for the training program, go to