The Importance of Lifeguards

Before we know it, summer will be here. Everyone will be out and about; at the beach, at community pools and waterparks. All of these places have one thing in common which is lifeguards. Lifeguards are essential to making your summertime fun experiences safe and secure. We at The Pool Therapist offer top of the line lifeguard training which ensures that all of our lifeguards are certified to keep you safe!

Why become a lifeguard? You are an important asset to your community, a symbol of safety and good judgement. Acquiring the necessary skills in order to save someone’s life and helping others is extremely rewarding. Becoming a lifeguard takes extensive training. Along with the extensive training come rewarding benefits such as: being apart of a team, building camaraderie and friendships, staying physically fit, offers a sense of responsibility, and it also gives you something new to experience!

Our lifeguards are required to go through the standard American Red Cross training along with our in-house training courses. Our lifeguards learn: basic lifesaving techniques, CPR, Basic First Aid training, Automatic External Defibrillator modules and the stand “In-House” training.

The “In-House” training program offers perspective lifeguards an extensive insight of how to handle emergency situations by reviewing The Emergency Action Plan through created emergency situations.

Once the perspective lifeguards are finished with the required American Red Cross training, they will complete our own specifically designed training. The Pool Therapists training includes water chemistry, pool operations, cleaning procedures and guarding techniques.

Don’t wait another day, get your lifeguard certification today in time for summer! Apply here using the link, or call us at (718) 370-7000 to inquire more information about our fantastic program.

Previous Employee Testimonials

Michael S. “Great summer job, even better when I was asked to work year round. Was a great addition to my resume throughout college and getting a career after college. Even better was never having to worry about being short on money made more than most of my friends did in high school and college.”

Kerri “I worked at Pool Therapist throughout high school and college. This steady and well-paid job allowed me to gain experience and skills which I apply in my professional career. If you’re looking for a summer job, I highly recommend this company.”