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Since 1987, The Pool Therapist has been providing a full-range of pool management services to the community.

Mike McMahon

Mike McMahon for D.A. with Pool Therapist Staff

Pool Safety

Pool safety is a primary concern for all pool owners and operators. Here are a few tips from Stu Roaker, owner of The Pool Therapist, to keep prevent injury.

Lifeguard Jobs

The Pool Therapist is seeking qualified lifeguards for the summer. Go to the ‘Employment’ button at the top-right to apply or follow the button below. Additionally, we are always seeking qualified pool managers and maintenance personnel.


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Once again you and your staff have provided our community with a stress free pool complex where we can exercise, relax and socialize..

– Alan Novin

Any problem or concern has always been handles in a prompt and professional matter to the satisfaction of our camp director, her staff and our facility maintenance personnel…

– Nicholas F. Mazza, PhD

Pool Therapist has always exhibited a commitment to met our needs – they respond when needed and for them ‘no time is a bad time.’

– William Boyd, Vice President of the Board - Hillside Swimming Club, Inc

As the head of The Pool Therapist, Arnold is uncompromising in ensuring the safety clients and pool users. In addition, he is unrelenting in his nationwide efforts as a pool-safety advocate, helping to protect children from drowning and seeking to eradicate the deadly threat of pool-drain entrapment.

– Barton Horowitz, President, Relevant Public Relations, LLC

Watch the Lowest Bid When Building a Home Swimming Pool

Owning a swimming pool may seem like a dream come true. But others who have gone through the building 
and servicing process offer cautionary tales. Poor communication, shoddy workmanship and overall bad customer service top the list of Angie’s List member complaints about pool construction and pool maintenance providers. Between April 2012 and May 2013, […]

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Good news: Aquatic chair lift donated to Hillside Swim Club

Stuart Roaker, owner of Pool Therapist in Travis, knew that Hillside Swim Club in Bulls Head was in need of a battery-operated aquatic chair lift for use by those who are confined to a wheelchair. “Hillside Swim Club told me they were in need of a chair lift to allow people in wheelchairs to go […]

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NYPD Tags Staten Island’s ‘Pool Therapist’ As Academy’s Pool Consultant

The Pool Therapist, a Staten Island-based company for nearly 28 years, was recently hired by the NYPD as a pool consultant for the department’s academy. “The mission of my business is about keeping people safe,” said Stu Roaker, founder and owner of the Staten Island-headquartered enterprise that serves the New York tri-state area. “My arrangement […]

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Lifeguard Job Opportunities

As we get ready for the summer, teens get ready to look for summer jobs. Nationally, there has been a shortage of lifeguards recently. This opens up more job opportunities to newcomers that want a job that will look good on their resume. New York lifeguards save lives and protect people in our private pools […]

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The Importance of Lifeguards

Before we know it, summer will be here. Everyone will be out and about; at the beach, at community pools and waterparks. All of these places have one thing in common which is lifeguards. Lifeguards are essential to making your summertime fun experiences safe and secure. We at The Pool Therapist offer top of the […]

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Contractor Selection

Be sure to research your pool contractor prior to any work. “A Florida family came home one night this week and were startled to see that their in-ground pool had popped up out of the soil” reported AOL Real Estate. “The family in west central Florida soon discovered that because they had drained the pool […]

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Infant ISR Training

Children can be trained with ISR self-rescue skills. See the video for more.

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Toddler proof trampolines ‘by following simple rules’

From This is according to consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Yorkhill Hospital in Glasgow Dr Neil Wilson, who discussed the matter to coincide with the launch of a new safety publication. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has introduced the guidance in conjunction with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and B&Q. It aims […]

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New Pool Safety Mandate in Effect

According to Bob Blanda, owner of Mill Bergen Pool Center in Brooklyn and  president of the Northeast Pool and Spa Association (NESPA), the problem with  the drain covers in most commercial pools and spas is their shape; they’re flat, flush with the bottom of the pool. If an object occludes the drain, the  suction is […]

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Questions To Consider When Choosing A Pool Management Company

Company Background Is the pool management company a full-time, professional pool management specialist? Has the history of the company been explored? Years in business Phone book listing Bank references Qualifications What commitment to continuing education does the company have? Have you checked out the company with the Better Business Bureau? Does the Company attend National […]

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